• Salt Lake City 2014 Keynote Session

    Read Randal Thacker, Lee Beckstead and David Matheson’s Salt Lake City 2014 keynote speeches NOW.

  • A Future & A Hope

    SLC 2014 keynote by Randall Thacker, President of Affirmation: LGBT Mormons, Families and Friends    

  • What I’ve Learned from Meeting with my Enemies

    SLC 2014 keynote by Lee Beckstead, former-Mormon psychologist and member of the APA task force that made the official recommendation that the appropriate therapeutic response to same-sex attraction be LGBT-affirming    

  • How do we Handle Ambiguity, Diversity, and the Unknown?

    SLC 2014 keynote by David Matheson, Clinical Mental Health Counselor and Clinical Director of the Center for Gender Wholeness    

  • Opening Remarks at the Inaugural Meeting of the Circling the Wagons Coalition

    By Anne McMullin Peffer About the Coalition It’s exciting to be standing here today. The development of Circling the Wagons and the progression of the relationship between gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and same-sex attracted Mormons and the overall Mormon community has been a pleasure (and, admittedly a bit of a trial) to be part of […]

  • Empowering Others through Listening and Accepting

    By Anne McMullin Peffer Some members of our community know a lot about what it’s like to live without empowerment. These people understand how difficult it is to continually be on the receiving end of others’ decisions, to not have the ability or freedom to make enough money to provide for themselves, to live without […]

  • The Chinese Finger Trap

    By Anne McMullin Peffer I am the third of five children. My siblings and I could probably have won the contention award of the 1970s. We were opinionated, smart, and each felt it was our personal obligation to teach each other how to behave. The fighting was incessant. While I won’t deny that I was […]

  • A Memory of Josh Weed and Love

    By Anne McMullin Peffer I remember the morning of the 2012 Salt Lake City conference featuring Josh Weed, Allen Miller and Joseph Broom as being very tense. The invitation of keynote speakers who had made different life decisions had not settled well with the public. Media were bustling and requesting interviews with Josh, last-minute conference […]

  • Lessons in Unconditional Love

    SLC 2012 keynote by Josh Weed, gay Mormon blogger

  • Next Conference

    The next Salt Lake City Circling the Wagons Conference will be held February 20th and 21st, 2015. Back to the Homepage

  • Statement of Purpose

    The goal of Circling the Wagons conferences is to create spaces where LGBTQ or SSA Mormons and their families and allies can gather to acknowledge, explore and honor shared experiences. No issues strike more deeply than whom we love and how we understand our beliefs about ourselves and god. These issues carry an especially profound […]

Shared Values

  1. We acknowledge the richness of Mormon heritage, teachings, and community in all of its diversity as well as the pain some experience within Mormon faith communities.
  2. We believe that one can self–identify as Mormon based on one’s genealogy, upbringing, beliefs, relationships, and other life experiences, regardless of one’s adherence or non–adherence to the teachings or doctrines of any religious organization.
  3. We seek spaces where we can live lives of intellectual and spiritual integrity, individual conscience, and personal dignity.
  4. We acknowledge and honor different spiritual paths and modes of religious or non–religious truth–seeking. We respect the convictions of those who subscribe to ideas and beliefs that differ from our own.
  5. We recognize the confusion, distress, emotional trauma, and social ostracism that LGBTQ/SSA Mormons, Mormon feminists, Mormon intellectuals and Mormons on faith journeys often experience. We seek constructive ways of helping and supporting people, regardless of their ultimate decisions regarding sexuality, self-expression, church affiliation or activity.
  6. We affirm the inherent and equal worth of all human beings. We seek replica rolex spaces where Mormons (and all people) can interact as equals regardless of race, gender, or sexual orientation.

Next Conference

The next Salt Lake City Circling the Wagons Conference will be held February 20th and 21st, 2015. Back to the Homepage

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