Mormons Unite – SLC 2012 Press Release

Mormons Unite to “Circle the Wagons” around their LGBTQ/SSA Loved Ones Despite Differences in Life–Decisions and Perspectives Featuring Josh Weed, Joseph Broom, Allen Miller, Elbert Peck, Lee Beckstead and Former SLC Mission President and Area Authority Seventy President Blake Sonne Salt Lake City – October 22nd, 2012 — Josh Weed, gay marriage and family therapist […]

2012 Keynote Speaker FAQ

Q: How can you expect to create a safe space when your keynotes are on opposite sides of the spectrum? Won’t that cause contention? A: Contention can arise when people of differing positions attempt to change one another. However, none of our speakers will be preparing arguments meant to convince, convert or change. Rather, they […]