What I’ve Learned from Meeting with my Enemies

SLC 2014 keynote by Lee Beckstead, former-Mormon psychologist and member of the APA task force that made the official recommendation that the appropriate therapeutic response to same-sex attraction be LGBT-affirming    

How do we Handle Ambiguity, Diversity, and the Unknown?

SLC 2014 keynote by David Matheson, Clinical Mental Health Counselor and Clinical Director of the Center for Gender Wholeness    

Opening Remarks at the Inaugural Meeting of the Circling the Wagons Coalition

By Anne McMullin Peffer About the Coalition It’s exciting to be standing here today. The development of Circling the Wagons and the progression of the relationship between gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and same-sex attracted Mormons and the overall Mormon community has been a pleasure (and, admittedly a bit of a trial) to be part of […]

Circling the Wagons 2014: A Mormon LGBT Conference and Coalition to Encourage Understanding and Conflict Resolution

For Immediate Release Contact Anne Peffer anne.peffer@CirclingtheWagons.org This weekend Circling the Wagons will be hosting the inaugural meeting of a Coalition of mental health professionals and community leaders whose work influences the lives of LGBT and same-sex attracted Mormons. Coalition members hold a variety of religious beliefs and political ideologies and have a history of […]

Dialogue Workshop Facilitation Instructions

Circling the Wagons Dialogue Workshops are intended to be safe spaces where LGBTQ/SSA Mormons of diverse opinions can authentically express their personal feelings without fear of rejection, retaliation or exclusion. In order to achieve safe environments, workshop facilitators and attendees are asked to follow the Circles of Empathy Guidelines. These guidelines will be printed on […]

Empowering Others through Listening and Accepting

By Anne McMullin Peffer Some members of our community know a lot about what it’s like to live without empowerment. These people understand how difficult it is to continually be on the receiving end of others’ decisions, to not have the ability or freedom to make enough money to provide for themselves, to live without […]