Mormon Missionaries Create Art with LGBT Community in Ecuador

It’s been ten years since my mission to Ecuador. Recently I thought it would be fun to revisit the experience through reading my journals. As I skimmed through the pages I came across something quite precious and unique for an LDS missionary. On April 17th 2003, in Quevedo Ecuador, my zone of fellow missionaries coincidentally […]

Who are Circling the Wagons Conferences For?

I received another message today from a Mormon who wondered if she would be accepted at Circling the Wagons conferences. She was worried that she wouldn’t belong because she believes that it’s right for people who are attracted to the same-sex to self-identify as LGBT instead of same-sex attracted. Circling the Wagons conferences are for […]

Why Attend When I Already Know What I Believe?

By Anne McMullin Peffer Many people have written me to explain that they hold very firm stances in regards to LGBTQ and same-sex attracted Mormons and that they don’t see any reason to attend a conference that keynotes speakers with whom they disagree. Considering the fact that the keynote speakers disagree with each other, chances […]

Emotional Pain and Diverse Community Spaces

By Anne McMullin Peffer Participating in a Circling the Wagons conference is a challenge for several reasons. A first primary obstacle is the fact that Circling the Wagons conferences seek to be safe spaces for Mormons of diverse beliefs, sexual orientations, gender identities, gender expressions, political ideologies and life decisions. Secondly, there is a great […]

A Memory of Josh Weed and Love

By Anne McMullin Peffer I remember the morning of the 2012 Salt Lake City conference featuring Josh Weed, Allen Miller and Joseph Broom as being very tense. The invitation of keynote speakers who had made different life decisions had not settled well with the public. Media were bustling and requesting interviews with Josh, last-minute conference […]

Circling the Wagons to Keynote an LGBT-Affirming Therapist Alongside a Therapist who Helps Diminish Unwanted Attraction

For Immediate Release Contact Anne Peffer Salt Lake City, UT – January 9, 2013     Circling the Wagons conferences for LGBT and same-sex attracted Mormons and their families, friends and allies will continue its tradition of selecting keynote speakers of various beliefs and life decisions. Therapists Lee Beckstead, Ph.D., and David Matheson, M.S., will […]

Opening the Circles and Coming Together

There are many ways to interpret the Circling the Wagons metaphor. In common parlance, the phrase is used within the context of intentionally ending communication in order to protect oneself from outsiders who might be destructive. In Mormon history, it has a different meaning. While crossing the plains to reach the valley of Salt Lake […]

The 2014 Conference Theme

This year’s conference theme Coming Together: Listening to Gain Understanding and Find Common Ground builds on the desires of LGBTQ and same-sex attracted Mormons to work together to create safe spaces where all are able to speak authentically about their own beliefs, experiences and life decisions without feeling that they will be judged, retaliated against, […]

Lessons in Unconditional Love

SLC 2012 keynote by Josh Weed, gay Mormon blogger

Mormons Unite – SLC 2012 Press Release

Mormons Unite to “Circle the Wagons” around their LGBTQ/SSA Loved Ones Despite Differences in Life–Decisions and Perspectives Featuring Josh Weed, Joseph Broom, Allen Miller, Elbert Peck, Lee Beckstead and Former SLC Mission President and Area Authority Seventy President Blake Sonne Salt Lake City – October 22nd, 2012 — Josh Weed, gay marriage and family therapist […]