A Future & A Hope

SLC 2014 keynote by Randall Thacker, President of Affirmation: LGBT Mormons, Families and Friends    

Empowering Others through Listening and Accepting

By Anne McMullin Peffer Some members of our community know a lot about what it’s like to live without empowerment. These people understand how difficult it is to continually be on the receiving end of others’ decisions, to not have the ability or freedom to make enough money to provide for themselves, to live without […]

LGBT? SSA? Allowing for Self-Determination

By Anne McMullin Peffer Within Mormonism we have a history of debating whether it’s preferable to identify as LGBT or same-sex attracted. There are many cogent and well-founded arguments behind this conflict that I won’t use any text space to rehash. That’s a conversation we’ve already had….. a few (or more) times. What I’ve learned […]

Opening the Circles and Coming Together

There are many ways to interpret the Circling the Wagons metaphor. In common parlance, the phrase is used within the context of intentionally ending communication in order to protect oneself from outsiders who might be destructive. In Mormon history, it has a different meaning. While crossing the plains to reach the valley of Salt Lake […]

Lessons in Unconditional Love

SLC 2012 keynote by Josh Weed, gay Mormon blogger