The Experience of Straight Spouses

The Experience of Straight Spouses

StraightSpousesScott Nicholson moderates a panel of the straight spouses of five LGBTQ/SSA Mormons. Panelists include Megan Andersen, Kendall Hill, Tera Brown, Maggie Mecham, and Pam Lazenby.

Megan is separated from her gay husband with whom she positively co–parents their two children. Kendall and his wife were married for 18 years before getting a divorce earlier this year. His wife discovered she was a lesbian six years ago after several suicide attempts. Tera has been married for 18 years and learned of her husband’s same–sex attraction three years ago. She and her husband have had a happy marriage and are working together. Maggie has been married for 13 years, has four children and knew of her husband’s same–sex attraction before she got married. She speaks of her husband’s infidelity and their commitment to their marriage and family despite several setbacks. Pam is the wife of a woman with a transgender history whom she recently and happily married.

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