The Value of Listening to all Sides Respectfully

A Dialogue Workshop by Jay Jacobsen

This dialog workshop will be an open-ended conversation to explore and articulate goals, benefits, and reservations around listening to understand the ‘other side’.

What topics seem especially challenging when it comes to listening respectfully? Would you like to see those addressed in future conferences or workshops? Should you even try to listen to someone you might initially think undeserving or unwilling to offer the same respect? What do you struggle to understand about a particular group or person? What do you wish others understood about your own beliefs or motivations? How has listening to or being listened to by someone you perceived as an enemy affected you? How do you even start those kinds of conversations? After you’ve listened, then what? What has been your experience at this year’s conference around listening respectfully to all sides?

Participants will have the opportunity to share their thoughts and questions and practice respectful listening in the process.

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