Salt Lake City 2014

Coming Together: Listening to Gain Understanding and Find Common Ground

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Workshop for Families in Conflict

Facilitated by the Group of Eight Therapists: Lee Beckstead, Marybeth Raynes, David Matheson, Jim Struve, Justin McPheters, Jerry Buie, David Pruden and Shirley Cox

Group of Eight Panel Discussion

Opening the Circles: Growing Out of Exclusivity
Panel Members: Lee Beckstead, David Matheson, Marybeth Raynes, Jerry Buie, David Pruden, Jim Struve and Shirley Cox

Dialogue Workshop — Navigating Church Activity as an LGBT or same-sex attracted Mormon

Primary Facilitator: Jamison Manwaring
Facilitation Team: Tom Christofferson, Ty Mansfield, John Gustav-Wrathall, and Kayla Burningham

Dialogue Workshop — Trans* 101: Transgender Identities and Experience

Primary Facilitator: Hollie Hancock
Facilitation Team: Rachel Heller and Alex Florence

Dialogue Workshop — Being Gay and Mormon and Attending BYU

Understanding Same Gender Attraction (USGA) at BYU Facilitation Team: Adam White, Sabina Mendoza, Ditto Scott and Matt Whited

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