Who are Circling the Wagons Conferences For?

I received another message today from a Mormon who wondered if she would be accepted at Circling the Wagons conferences. She was worried that she wouldn’t belong because she believes that it’s right for people who are attracted to the same-sex to self-identify as LGBT instead of same-sex attracted.

Circling the Wagons conferences are for everyone. We explicitly state that they’re for LGBTQ/SSA Mormons and their Families, Friends and Allies because we want to make sure that everyone knows that he or she is welcome. We open our doors to those who self-identify as same-sex attracted AND those who self-identify as LGBT. We are an inclusive organization and we strive to put on inclusive conferences that align with our Statement of Purpose. One hope we have is that family members who disagree with each other will be able to attend together because all members, regardless of their positions or beliefs, will feel that they will be safe and accepted.

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